Fortress Forever Payload 2015

base_payload_2015.lua, ff_ksour_payload.bsp and ff_ksour_payload.vmf have been RELEASED

I have gone live with the payload version of ksour that I've been working on for a few weeks now. Everything has been put up on the Fortress Forever forums, and should hopefully be on servers soon.

I haven't really been able to get a solid playtest, since the initial one that had TONS of problems. So, I'm really excited to see people's reactions once they have gotten a chance to play through everything.

I released all of the train yard assets, as well, in hopes that some other mappers will be able to modify/create some more payload maps for Fortress Forever. I would really like to see avanti, napoli, and palermo get a payload version at the very least!!

Models update

All of the models have been updated!!

As of now, 4/12/2015, all of my models that are currently available for release have been added to the appropiate areas of the site. Here is a brief outline of each:


A model of a Fortress Forever Cell, a type of ammo that is used primarily used by the engineer to build his buildables. I made this model for use in ff_alchemy to represent an "ammo bag" that only gives out cells and supplies necessary to build and NOT health, armor, or grenades. Comes in RED, BLUE, and neutral YELLOW skins.


A model of a wooden pallet. Used for stacking things in a warehouse type setting. This model was also created for use in ff_alchemy, as a part of the map details.

Steamie RGB

A model of a steam engine. This was created for use in a payload gametype adapted to Fortress Forever. The model comes in RED, BLUE, and neutral GREEN skins.

Train Tracks

A set of train tracks created for use with the steam engine model. There are several different sizes and styles to allow for positioning in anyway needed.

ff_hellion_classic RELEASED


Same deal as faf, I decided to go ahead and finalize this map seeing as it has been on my computer for years and nothing has been changed or brought up. I did modify it a tiny bit as well, but again nothing game changing was done.


ff_mulch_faf RELEASED


After like 6 years of carying this map around on my computer in a beta stage, I have finally decided to just box it up and release it!! I did change a few of the nagging things that remained, however, nothing game changing has been done to the map whatsoever.